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Bollywood And Vine

USA, 2004. 85 Min. Peccadillo

Young, inexperienced Bhuvan drives a Hollywood tour bus and yearns to be a part of the movie-making industry. Recently arrived from his native India, he is obsessed with Delilah Leigh, a scream queen who hasn't worked in over 25 years. Every day, Bhuvan drives past her house hoping for a glimpse, until one day she makes a miraculous appearance on her porch. Delilah blows kisses at the tour bus, and Bhuvan is inspired to write a comeback film just for her. Showing up on Delilah's doorstep, script in hand, Bhuvan is taken in by the beautiful star and her frumpy assistant, Delia. But these two are not exactly who they say they are: the assistant is the former star, and Delilah is really Delia's gay son...

Regie: Donald Farmer, Edward Jordon

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