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P.S. Your Cat is Dead

USA, 2002. 92 Min. TLA Rel.

It's New Year's Eve and out-of-work Los Angeles actor/writer Jimmy Zoole is having a very bad night. His girlfriend has just left him, his latest play has been cancelled after only one performance, and he has just found out that his adored cat has died. On the brink of a breakdown, Jimmy discovers Eddie, a cat burglar, hiding under his bed and decides to take the law into his own hands. Eager to teach the burglar a lesson, Jimmy captures him and ties him to the kitchen counter in a desperate act of revenge. Drunk on power, Jimmy tortures and torments the gay Mexican burglar for the next 24 hours. But, Eddie fights back with clever words and the two bicker and spar over the course of an extremely claustrophobic evening.

Regie: Steve Guttenberg

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